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XIX Exotic Alloys is an internationally known wheel alloy company famous for manufacturing high end wheels since 1990. All wheels are manufactured under TUV and SFI standards; the owner of the company is a TUV and SFI wheel program representative. XIX wheels are made by the highest standards and by the best certified manufacturing plants; the plants are TUV certified and follow the strictest German OEM manufacturing standard.

All XIX wheels are powder coated with a 7 coat pre-treatment stage and 9 coat finishing stage to last and appear flawless even when exposed to the most cruel road conditions; in comparison, most of the aftermarket wheels currently sold in the United States are coated with an inexpensive lacquer paint to cut down on the cost. XIX wheels are Hub-centric and Lug-centric to perfectly suit German vehicles, such as BMWs and Mercedes; the OE caps manufactured by BMW and Mercedes will fit perfectly if the OE look is desired. Our "Deep-Lip" series wheels offer a true stainless steel chrome lip and available up to 5" in depth; our competitors use a polished stainless lip to again cut down on cost of production. As you might have noticed by reading this so far, we're extremely proud of the quality of our wheels. XIX Exotic Alloys was one the first companies in the industry to offer staggered wheels; we were also one of the first to offer a multi-piece effect wheel as a cast alloy. This was done to provide the look for a fraction of the price.

One of the 1st in the industry to offer a 5" inserted stainless steel chrome lip. One of the 1st In the industry to start using 22" multi-spoke deep concave designs with the spokes touching the outer lip while most other companies accomplished this by using a cast ring on top of the lip to protect the cast spokes saving noticeably on the manufacturing process. You can't put a price on great design, and open spokes look amazing. Continuing on with our pioneering accomplishments, we were one of the first companies to offer undercut inner-barrels, and our barrels are milled in forged-lip design; our competitors only do a cast barrel to again cut down on cost. One of the 1st in the industry to offer plus size staggered flow-form concave wheels to meet today's light weight and strength requirements, while still managing to provide reasonable pricing. When compared to other high-end rotary forged alloy pricing, you'll notice how considerably more affordable our wheels really are. One of the 1st in the industry to offer the 2-piece effect with all of the existing wheel options; examples include, concave, staggered, inner-cut and milled off barrel, bolt-on and replaceable rivets, 7" under-cut inner lip, etc.

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