Lexus with XIX Wheels

Regardless of what you may think, Lexus does it right when it comes to Luxury. Seldom will you have a chance to drive a car whose suspension makes you feel you're floating in the clouds. The transmission shifts are effortless (we challenge you to sit in a GS350 and try to figure out when the transmission shifts without looking at the RPM gauge). With such a profound love for this car, we needed to make sure that we have wheels that fit it's style. The XIX X31s was our answer to that.

The X31 wheels are concave wheels whose spokes reach out but do not touch the lip. Why? At XIX, we focus on the details. After experimenting with numerous designs, we found that by not touching the lip the wheel gets that something extra that we were looking for.

C6 Corvette with X15s

The C6 Corvette is a car that was designed to last ages. This blue C6 is owned by Dino Cajic, CEO at First Choice Wheels and Tires, and is in immaculate condition. We reached out to Dino and asked him about the fitment that he would want to see. He stated that most Corvette owners opt for the staggered look: 20s in the rear and 19s in the front. Considering that the next step was to go with a wide-body kit for his C6, he wanted to see a 19x11 in the rear with a somewhat lower offset than what is recommended. This would give the Corvette a wider rear lip (something that was unheard of before).

We created the wheels that he recommended: 19x11s +50 rears and 19x9.5 fronts. In order to get the wheels to sit nicely, he stretched the rear tire slightly so that it tucks underneath the rear fender.

Deep-lip Bidirectional Flow-Formed XIX X15 in 19" diameter. No other company is currently making this (Flow Formed wheel ?with a large lip). The sizes will are 19x8.5" ,x9.5" , x11" and x12" with bolt patterns and offset that are perfect for Porsches, Corvettes? and other luxury vehicle?s. This wheel will be the first in the states that is designed with EH2+ rim profile to allow Run Flat Tire application (this is the newest and safest requirement by BMW).

XIX X49s

Get ready for something different. We're bringing in the XIX X49 into 2017. The time spent designing this wheel will blow any engineering efforts out the water. Our engineering staff took three-dozen of the most popular SUV models and created a wheel that looks great on any one of them. The fitment was the biggest obstacle, but the engineers at XIX Exotic Alloys were able to overcome it. The X49 is rolling out in the next few days: make sure to get your set through reputable retailers like Discount Tire, First Choice Wheels and Tires and CarID.

Panamera with XIX X47s

The XIX X47 was designed with one car specifically in mind: the Porsche Panamera. Our engineers took a Panamera and measured everything precisely making sure that no gap will be left unfilled. Our marketing staff spoke to a number of Panamera owners figuring out the perfect wheel design for it. In our opinion, no other wheel comes close to the look/design of the X47 on this Panamera.

Maserati Quattroporte with XIX X15s

The XIX X15s are everywhere! You might have seen them on Dino Cajic's C6 Corvette at First Choice Wheels and Tires. You might have seen them on numerous Muscle Cars, German imports, even certain tuner vehicles, but now here they are on a Maserati Quattroporte. Combining an aggressive wheel with this luxury vehicle gives it that luxury-aggressive look that some people (including us) look for.

BMW M3 with Custom Painted XIX X33s

The iconic M3. It seems that BMW just knows how to make a car that's half-luxury and half-pure-insanity. The copper XIX X33s were custom painted for this vehicle to have them stand out even more. As you can see from the photo, the wheel/tire fitment is perfect, The wheel well is filled perfectly. This car gets the looks and additional performance gains from our light-weight X33s.

BMW i8 with XIX XF51

That's right, XIX is going electric. The BMW i8 is a masterpiece. This is really out of BMW's comfort zone but wow did they deliver. We felt that the wheel to complement this environmentally friendly vehicle should be striving to do the same. The XF51 is a Flow Formed wheel that's designed with weight savings in mind. The XF51 is also concave and just looks amazing on most vehicles, especially the i8.

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