XIX is a leading innovator in the Wheel business. We always strive to push the boundaries creating some of the most exciting wheels out there. XIX was the first in the industry to offer staggered wheels; XIX was also the first to offer a multi-piece effect wheel as a cast alloy. This was done to provide the look for a fraction of the price. XIX was the first to offer undercut inner-barrels, and the barrels are milled in forged-lip design; the X45 is a prime example of this.

XIX is launching it's deep-lip bidirectional flow-formed XIX X15 in 19" diameter. No other company is currently doing this making you a witness to history in the making. The sizes will be 19x8.5, 19x9.5, 19x11 and 19x12 with bolt patterns and offset that are perfect for Porsches and Corvettes. This wheel will be the first in the USA that's designed with the EH2+ rim profile to allow for Run Flat Tire application (this is the newest and safest requirement by BMW).

XIX XF43 Flow-Formed

Flow Forming is an incremental metal forming technique in which a disk or tube of metal is formed over a mandrel by one or more rollers using tremendous pressure. The final result is a wheel that is 30% stronger and 30% lighter than the traditional cast wheel. The XF43 was designed to reduce as much weight without compromising the structural design of the wheel. The staff at XIX Wheels takes great pride in what they do. After hundreds of hours designing and tweaking the wheel, the XF43 was born...and XIX is proud of it.

XIX X45 Two-Piece Effect

Most wheel manufacturers that venture into attempting to produce the 2-piece effect by inner-cutting the wheel, focus on machining the face of the material along the cast of the inner barrel. What XIX focuses on is milling an additional 5mm+ material off to make sure that the step is highly visible. The XIX wheel engineering staff has spent countless hours to maximize this visibility at no expense to structural integrity. The X45 also comes with real, replaceable, bolt-on rivets.


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